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2019 - All-Star Baseball & Softball Teams
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Overview 2019 All Star Process

2019 All Stars, Baseball Divisions 10U, 11U, 12U
*Updated Softball division information is currently being emailed directly to parents.

11U & 12U Overview of Baseball All Star Selection Process:

For the 11U and 12U Divisions, Pacific Little League utilizes both a player and manager voting-by-ballot method to select the All Star Team. The Player Agent will create a ballot of all eligible players in both divisions.

Manager/Coach ballots: The Majors Managers and assistant coaches (total of three per team) will have input on player selection via a ballot. Each Manager or coach will select up to 13 players. Manager ballots are reviewed by the President, VP Baseball and Player Agent.

Player ballots: All Majors players may vote for 5 players in both the 11U and 12U divisions, not to include themselves or players on their own regular season Majors team. Player ballots are reviewed by the President and Player Agent.

The top players from both ballot methods will be placed on the All Star list for consideration. The All Star Manager will select the remaining players based on position needs, playing abilities, and/or other talents and skills that will strengthen the team and/or enhance its ability to be successful. The final All Star roster remains the discretion of the All Star Manager, Player Agent, President and Vice President of baseball and is approved by the Executive Committee of the PLL Board. 13 players will be selected for each All Star Team, although the manager can have a roster of up to 14 players at his discretion.

Player ballot voting will take place before or after each team's playoff game on May 18th.
*There are no makeup dates for player voiting.
Manager and Coach ballots are due May 22nd.

Player Agent and Board members will administer the voting. No parents or coaches are allowed near the players while voting is taking place. Ballots will be given to the players at the time that they vote.

10U Overview of Baseball All Star Selection Process:

This division will have tryouts: June 1st to June 2nd, 2019. League age 9 and 10-year-olds are able to try out, including Majors and Minors players. Players selected back to the second day of tryouts will attend a second try out session the next day. Participation in both days (if called back for day 2) is mandatory.

Pacific utilizes manager advisory voting-by-ballot method to assist in selecting the 10U All Star Team. Ballots will be given to the Majors Managers and assistant coaches in advance. Ballots are tallied by the President, Vice President Baseball, Player Agent and All Star Team Manager. After the second day of tryouts, the final All Star roster is approved by the Executive Committee of the PLL Board.

PDF: All-Star Manager Selection Process

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Players selected to the Baseball 10U, 11U, and 12U teams will be announced June 3rd, 2019. A mandatory meeting for all selected players and parents will be held June 4th, 2019. Players will be required to bring copies (x3) of three proofs of residency documents or complete the School Enrollment Form to this meeting. Players also need to bring an original birth certificate (with two copies). No exceptions. See the documents herein for further information. You may wish to start the process of collecting your information now including ordering an original birth certificate if you do not have one.

Note: There are monetary costs to families associated with the All Star teams.

*Links to required paperwork will be posted here - after June 3rd, 2019

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All-Star Teams
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