Pacific Little League teams are managed and coached by volunteers, typically parents of players. Every team needs one manager, a team assistant, and at least 1-2 assistant coaches.

Prospective managers and coaches are asked to sign up online to be considered for the upcoming season. Coaches do not have to have a player in the league to be eligible. The player agent will form a list of potential coaches for the different divisions. The President, Player Agent, League VP's and League coordinators will review the list and notify managers/coaches of their selection.

Coaches Online Registration

Major Manager Baseball coaches are required to apply through a written letter or e-mail to the President to request to be interviewed for a Major Manager position by January 1st of the upcoming season. These coaches should also do their online application. A committee, run by the league president. interviews all candidates in early January. Committee is usually made up of the President, V.P. of Baseball, Player Agent, Board Member(s) and past Major Managers. The President will notify all applicants of the committee's decision.

Volunteer Application
All Managers, coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers will be required to fill out an online application AND provide a copy of their drivers license. Background checks are required for all positions that work with children. It is the Manager responsibility to have any volunteer on his/her team register online and provide their dirver's licenses. Forms are to be given to the safety officer for submission to a background check.

Managers and coaches must provide a positive role model for all players. Managers and coaches are required to attend league sponsored trainings, and an annual coaches meeting which will provide information on the upcoming season. Please read and become familiar with the league's local rules for your division, National Little League Rules (provided to each team), parent code of conduct, and safety rules.

Team Administration
Managing a Little League team begins with a parent meeting. Hold a parent meeting prior to your first practice to set proper player and league expectations. Each parent needs to sign on for volunteer duties during the season. Managers are required to track playing time and pitching records for each player.

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