2020 District 1 - Coaches Training - CANCELLED

*CANCELLED - Details Here*

2020 Coaches Training - Saturday March 7th, 2020
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Participants can REGISTER HERE for either the morning or afternoon session.

Please register for the following time on Saturday March 7th:

9 a.m.-12 p.m. BASEBALL Players 9-16 Years Old 2A
1 p.m.-4 p.m. BASEBALL Players 4-8 Years Old
1 p.m.-4 p.m. SOFTBALL Players All Ages



Washington District 1 Little League is pleased to offer the 2020 Coaches Training presented by BASE By Pros Academy. This is an opportunity for managers, coaches, and parent volunteers of District 1 Little Leagues to learn from professional baseball and softball players with a combined 25 years of experience.

New this year will be hands on training of practice plans involving the feel of a PRACTICE. Coaches will get the opportunity to work hands on with concepts and apply what they learn instantly. This will be set up just like a practice that will display how to organize stations, simple concepts and important statements to help your players.

Also, we will focus on development of you, the coach and parent. We will have a performance coach that will speak on learning tools to motivate, encourage, and inspire your teams to maximize their potential and equip you as a coach on how to handle the parents involved on your teams. We have seen over the years of doing this that the biggest area of need is equipping you, the coach, with tools to become a great leader. To do that we need to invest in your growth as a person and this influences those on your teams.

Who May Participate: Baseball and Softball Managers, Coaches or Parent Volunteers within a District 1 Little League program. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Advanced Registration REQUIRED: Registration will close at 4:00 pm on Friday, March 6. CLINIC SESSIONS will be very interactive so dress accordingly (tennis shoes and athletic attire) and bring a glove.

Cost: No Charge

www.BASEbyPros.com | info@basebypros.com | (425) 200-4448
14926 35th Ave West, Ste. 200 Lynnwood, Washington 98087

2019 PLL Coaches Clinic, hosted by Baseball Positive

Thank you Mark Linden & Baseball Positive

Our 2019 Coaches Clinic is complete
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Coach & Player Development

Pacific Little League (PLL) is deeply committed to being a developmental league. One key aspect of most sporting activities is winning. Even if the scores do not matter, even five year old kids will consistently ask their coach, "who won?"

Final scores are not our primary goal, but rather focusing our attention on "high success". As a league, PLL "wins" when we:

  • Maintain environments (games and practices) where children can win or lose, succeed and fail, and maintain self esteem, integrity, and joy.
  • Provide opportunities for kids to develop baseball skills (physical and mental) which are appropriate for their age.
  • Seek that every child's team experience at PLL is positive. Ultimately, we want kids to have such a positive experience that they look forward to playing another year.
  • Equip adult volunteers (coaches and beyond) to joyfully serve and have a positive experience investing time in the development of our children and community.

PLL pursues this commitment by equipping Coaches, Parents, and Players to join us in creating an environment which is positive and healthy for the development of children.

  • Coaches- First and foremost, coaches create and guard the environment of their teams. Additionally, they commit time to help players develop to their potential and playing ability. Though obviously a high calling for a volunteer position, we are committed to equipping and supporting our coaches toward success.
  • Parents- We desire to support parents in their unique role and provide quality team dynamics for you to "release" your child into for their baseball continued development. We love working with parents who volunteer as a coach or assistant team coach. Ultimately we encourage all PLL parents to encourage the players on your team and play that role for your team to its fullest.
  • Players- Every child is different. They all come with different athletic abilities, drive, and discipline. It is our desire that kids will be able to continue developing solid skills year after year. As a youth recreation league, we do not expect to develop every child to be an All-Star player. We are committed to helping all players advance in self confidence and skills, however the final outcome includes the drive of each child, commitment, and support of the family, and athletic ability.

We are very proud of the community which is Pacific Little League. We believe it is one of the best programs in our state and are committed to learning and being more intentional in our support of families and equipping of our kids.

Thank you for your partnership in this great adventure!

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