2018 Minors Sponsors & Managers Announced

Welcome 2018 Minors Sponsors!
Teams and Managers:

190 Sunset Derek Forseth
425 Motorsports Scott Paul
Edmonds Vision Center Roger Grossenbacher
Fisher & Paykel Matt Gardner
Harsin Wealth Dick Harsin
Nielsen Bros. Flooring Jim Fahey
Porter & York Meats Adam Eyer
Scott Babin, DDS Nick Steenmeyer
Sea Mountain Insurance Matt Manning

Minors Overview

Consider joining the Pacific Little League Board for our upcoming season.
Please contact president@pacificlittleleague.com
for more information.

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Minors is an introduction to full baseball with all of the complexities of the game.

  • Age: 9 - 11 year olds; 9 year olds must attend a tryout if in third grade
  • Hitting: Players will be hitting off of live player pitching
  • Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base path and pitching is at 46 feet
  • Ball Type: Hard ball
  • Team Formation: Players are placed by a player agent in a blind draft. Players cannot request a specific coach, and coaches cannot build their own teams (beyond their own child playing on their team). Players who tried out for Majors Baseball and were not ready for play at the Majors level will be placed on Minors Baseball team by a player agent.
  • Post Season: after the close of regular season games, each team will enter a double elimination tournament to close out the season. The seeding of the tournament is based on blind draw.
  • Minors Division FAQs

PLL Minors Rules

Minors Pitch Count (Manager's Use)

Minors Managers are required to report pitch count for each pitcher used during games.

Following each game, please email pitch count report to Dick Harsin - Minors Coordinator

To see the current division pitch count report, consult this Pitch Count Google doc.
*View only, managers can not change document. If you see an error please consult with Dick Harsin.

Minors Schedule
Minors Sponsors
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