Playing Up A Division

Players are occasionally able to play up in a higher division than their age dictates due to thier skill level and/or past experience. 
If you believe your child should be allowed to "play up", follow the below steps.
DO NOT alter your child's age in the system to accomodate this desire. 
You will be required to show proof of age before the season begins.

For sake of safety, Little League Baseball requires league permission to any player playing above their age level.

  • 9 year olds desiring to play in Minors must participate in the tryouts listed on our home page. This applies to 3rd grade 9 year olds only. 
  • For 6 year olds desiring to play in Farm, we strongly desire a parent to assistant coach on the team as the "jump" will often require special attention with your child.

 Follow these steps if your child is a candidate to play up:

  1. Register in the division your age range dictates. 
  2. In the "Special Request" section of the registration process, note that your child would like to play up a division.
  3. After finished the registration process, email the player agent
    Please include:
    -child's name
    -division registered in
    -league age for this season (See League Age Calculator)
    -division you would like for them to play up to
    -a brief explanation of past experience and/or why they should play up a division.

  4. Once approved, players will be internally moved into a new division by our player agent or webmaster .
  5. Any change in registration cost (different levels of play may have different playing costs) will be reflected in your Pacific Little League online account as a balance due.  The player agent will email you after the move and request that you pay the remaining balance in your account.