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Welcome umpires, coaches, parents and players!
If you have past experience umpiring and would like to work at Pacific Little League this year as an umpire we would like to help you get plugged in.

Our goal is to provide a tool for umpires, coaches, parents and players of Pacific to schedule umpires online and also communicate relevant umpiring articles. Over the past four years, this web site has changed dramatically and will continue to do so as new needs are discovered.

Pacific Little League Umpires dedicate their time and efforts to umpire games fairly and impartially. They are no different than managers, coaches, parents, and board members who all work to help make Pacific Little League baseball and softball a success.

Any individual who desires to umpire at Pacific needs to attend training clinics prior to working games. Ongoing training clinics are scheduled throughout the season accumulating both 'classroom' and 'field' mechanic instruction.

Help set a positive example - become an umpire today!

All potential umpires must register as an umpire for the current season. You can do so here-PLL Registration

If you have a question about umpiring at Pacific or want to know when information is updated please contact me at

Umpire Clinics

Pacific Little League offers umpires an opportunity to review their knowledge, refine their skills, and learn about recent rule changes. Clinics have been designed to help improve the quality of PLL umpiring and are coordinated by the Training/Mentor Staff.

Ongoing training sessions will be posted online and emailed to our umpires and coaches. Please make every effort to attend these training sessions as you are able to ensure that you are working at improving your game!

To learn more about umpiring contact Larry Metz, Umpire in Chief -

Pacific Little League Umpire Training Module

There are several core training modules that each umpire at PLL will be asked to complete at some point through the season. Training modules will be posted for your review soon - each section of the rule book will be explored along with field mechanics, strike zone, job responsibilities, and game management. Outlines of each module will be posted for review soon -

Current training sessions


PLL will reimburse your clinic fee if you commit to working games at Pacific!!! Contact Larry for a registration form at or if there is room to pre-register still.

If you would like to be evaluated by a trainer during one of your games please contact Larry Metz to make arrangements.

NBUA Training Sessions

Get more information at and follow the links to training

NBUA training is already underway for 2011. We currently have 14 PLL umpires certified to work through NBUA - a semi-professional umpire association working games throughout the greater Puget Sound region from select youth baseball, high school, adult, community college, and Pac-10 games. They are: Dave Warner, Jacob Metz, Dillon Spiess, Andrew Feldhaus, Charles Primm, Linda Coburn, John Hennessey, Don Pravitz, Carl Kendall, Steven Baldridge, Robert Baldridge and Larry Metz along with a couple of retired members. A select few from NBUA have been promoted and accepted assignments within the Minor League system of Major League Baseball and there is currently two NBUA member working at the Major League level.

Training Materials

Links and documents below will be used in our training clinics

2012 Little League Umpire Instruction-Training Manual is available here now! We will be using this manual in all our training sessions. Please download this to your desktop...print it it and refer to it everyday. If you would like a bound copy contact Larry Metz -

Umpire Tips

We all need a little are some useful tips for all of us...

doc tip_6__infield_fly_rule

doc tip_5__pregame_meeting

doc tip_4__the_mobile_umpire

doc tip_3___communication

doc tip_2__umpires_making_errors 27.00 Kb

doc tip_1__feeling_squeezed_at_the_plate 24.00 Kb

Baseball Rules Myths

Baseball Rule Myths - From Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball

doc baseball_rule_myths 49.00 Kb

Umpire Links

Jim Evans Umpire Acadamy -

LL National Umpires - - Tips, equipment information and more...

Honigs - - Umpire equipment

Umpire Chat Group - - Yahoo! discussion group with some interesting discussions (and strong opinions) - recommended for experienced umpires.

Official Baseball Rules OBR - - From the official Major League Baseball site. Keep in mind that in some cases Little League rules vary from OBR.

Interesting Umpire Facts

... From Wikipedia... In baseball, the umpire is the person charged with officiating the game, including beginning and ending the game, enforcing the rules of the game and the grounds, making judgment calls on plays, and meting out discipline. The term is often shortened to the colloquial form ump. They are also sometimes addressed as blue due to the color of the uniform some umpires wear. Although games were often officiated by a sole umpire in the formative years of the sport, from the turn of the 20th century onward officiating has been commonly divided among several umpires, who form the umpiring crew. To read the full article click here...